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Our next class starts March 23rd and will once a week for 10 weeks. There are two time slots: one Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7:30 pm EST and one Fridays from 12 - 1 pm EST. Click below to read through the course curriculum and to get a free preview of the class pre-work.

Hi, I'm Eryn

Why do I do this? As a millennial, I always thought our generation would be the one that finally broke the glass ceiling. Yet, in 2020 women still own only $0.32 for every $1.00 owned by men and the differences are wider for minority women.  I was proud to go to Harvard Business School to be part of a generation of women working in corporate America.  Upon graduating, I moved back to Texas where I became sick of hearing my high-earning friends tell me they didn't feel like they had the skills or time to manage their money.  I started pHERsonal Finance Day to reverse the trend of women investing less and feeling less confident about money than men.  I launched my class in February 2020 and will graduate my 100th course participant in December.  Women who take my class fully fund their IRAs, pay off credit card debt, and finally invest the cash sitting in their savings accounts.  I would be honored to help you on your money!

What Other Women Are Saying

What other women are saying

Khin-Kyemon Aung, MD, MBA, Resident Physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital

I found this course to be incredibly empowering! I started the course with little knowledge about personal finance and have come away with very practical skills on how to manage my money and plan for the future. The course material was relevant with just the right amount of breadth, depth, and detail to make actionable and informed decisions on topics like budgeting and planning for retirement. I also thought the weekly sessions over zoom fostered an incredibly supportive community of thoughtful women each sharing how they have navigated critical life decisions such as home-ownership, starting a family, or starting a new job. Eryn was also very accessible over email and provided in-depth and personalized answers to my questions. I'm very glad that I took this course and will be putting her lessons to good use for years to come!

What other women are saying

Jasmyn Eichelsdorfer, Physician's Assistant

I set out to understand my finances and maximize the start of my career, and I've achieved that and much more through pHERsonal Finance Day. The content and pace are comprehensive; the execution and tone are empowering. The course materials + recordings + Eryn's endless willingness to offer personalized feedback make this a stand-out opportunity for someone looking for self-paced but leader-guided learning. I also love how action-oriented this course is. I'm a do-er, so I'm glad to have tangible tasks to perform between sessions, and moreover, the confidence to do so. This is a must for any novice looking to take their finances to the next level.

Narmeen Haider, Harvard Business School alum and future BCG consultant

I’ve always been good at saving, but I before taking Eryn’s course, I never knew what to do with my money. As a first-generation immigrant, I couldn’t rely on my parents to guide me through 401k accounts, saving for a house, etc. Eryn’s course has helped me feel more in control of my money and more secure about my retirement plan. I would highly recommend this course to all women, especially women who are early in their careers and need help coming up with a plan.